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"One giant leap


for mankind"

-- Buzz Armstrong




Frequently Asked Questions


When are you gonna record some new calls?

TTT: I've been retired from this prank call "occupation" for a long time. The only thing I did recently was to contact old call subjects to sign releases giving me permission to use their voices on the re-release of Customer Care Creeps.


Will you prank a friend of mine?

TTT: No. Prank 'em yourself. Again I'm retired!


How did you get people to call you for those customer service calls?

TTT: I acquired a bunch of 800 numbers. Sometimes people dial the wrong number. Also sometimes companies go out of business and abandon their 800 numbers but customers continue to call.


Did you ever get arrested making these calls?

TTT: No. Over the years I have consulted with about 9 attorneys regarding numerous legal issues to make sure that what I was doing was legal.


Did the call subjects on your albums all agree to let their voices be used?

TTT: Of course. All of them signed release forms.


What's the name of the call subject on [pick any call]? It sounds like someone I know. Is their name [pick any name]?

TTT: This is classified information (like top secret government stuff). Don't even ask. We don't even give yes or no answers around here!


How did you get those angry people to sign releases?

TTT: Believe it or not it was the really angry people who always seemed to have a great sense of humor about the whole thing. Often they'd say things like "I can't want to hear this album" and became big fans of the albums. The guy from "City Brake" happily did a radio interview with Johnny Dare and "Jim Bob" on KQRC. The woman from "Drunk Phone Company Rep" also did an interview on a radio station.



How do you make your voice sound deep like "Willie"?

TTT: With the "pitch shift C" effect on a Yamaha SPX 90. This is explained in more detail on the news page.


How did you get Howard Stern to play your stuff?

TTT: The old fashion way. I just sent them some CD's. If they get something that they like then they will play it. There is no need for a publicist. Radio morning shows are always on the lookout for comedy material that they can use to fill up air time.


What are you up to now?

TTT: Wrote some progressive PsyTech songs under the name "Alien Disco Roadkill". You can also hear ADR on my Sound Cloud page.


Occasionally I post some mildly entertaining YouTube videos like this one. Be sure to click to SUBSCRIBE.


I also appeared on the A&E network TV show Storage Wars in 2014. The episode is called "For a Good Time Call... Ivy"


Who is the artist behind the TTT cartoon art?

Tom Martin is the master of cartoon character art. Also on Facebook. Hire him to do some work. He won't dissapoint.