Touch-Tone Terrorists Sound Boards

If you are looking for sound clips that are ready-to-click to play over the phone then I recommend going to Realm Of Darkness. Includes all new remixed audio of JUST Willie's voice from the original "Angry Janitor" call.

If you get something funny then post it on YouTube!

You can also download all of the clips for each call in one wave file below. Each clip includes simple "yes", "no", and "I don't know" parts that may be useful if and when the call subject asks questions. Licensed for fun. Not for resale. Once you post your call on YouTube let me know and I'll post a link right here!

1. MP3 - Just the microphone track of Junkyard Willie's voice on "Angry Janitor" plus a few extra lines.

2. MP3 - 1.66 MB - Junkyard Willie the janitor is the new janitor and already someone is writing stuff on the wall about him and his momma!

3. MP3 - 1.84 MB - Stu Jaimison the arrogant entrepreneur wants to buy your company!

4. MP3 - 1.13 MB - Dr. Junkard Willie wants medical supplies



Dee Dee yelling at Willie track used on "Power Outage"